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One secret.

P.S. Please do this for Mark Malkoff, Stephen's stand by guy. He's trying to win a comedy competition to Aspen, so pass it on!

 Go to  www.ziddio.com

- register (it takes 30 seconds)
- sign in
- go to contests
- select- No Talent
- Click on all videos
- Click on the video called " Ferris Wheel"
- It will start playing and then you can give it a 5 star rating.

No secrets this week, but I did get to go and see TCR last Monday 1-8-07! I made friends with Mark and he got me a personalized poster that says "To Mackie, (that's my name) Stay strong! - Stephen Colbert"

Just thought I'd let you all know! Let me know if you want to know more.


You wish you never ever met her at all.


Comment away...

P.S. Happy early New Year!


It's kinda weird, but I accept any secret.

Comments here, oh yes, and Merry late Christmas and happy Hanukkah and Kwanza.

Sorry guys, there have been no secrets these past few weeks, so it's been dead in my inbox. Will update as soon as we get some! But other than that, I'm really excited because I get to see Stephen on January 8th!

One amazing secret:


Comment away. Oh yes, you guys are allowed to pimp stuff on this community
ie. show off your Colbert related stuff off communities, items, etc. Just let me know first: little_tunny

I will post some bracelets soon so if you guys like 'em, I'm going to sell them so I have enough money to get to see TCR when I go.